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Commercial Services

Here at Bed Bugs Dog NYC we offer confidential and discrete bed bug commercial inspection services.  We realize that having a bed bugs infestation is an embarrassing situation for any business especially if you’re in the business of retail, hotels, restaurant, hospital, or office building.  We can help you avoid this awkward and shameful experience by utilizing our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection service that provides a complete inspection of your facilities and properties.  By utilizing our service we can quickly and discretely identify and locate early bed bug infestations.

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One of our well trained bed bug dogs can inspect a room and locate infestations of bed bugs within 2 to 3 minutes.  That is much less time than a trained technician searching for visual signs of the pests.  This offers you the a quick, discrete, and confidential evaluation of your commercial properties.

Our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection will quickly determine if there is a bed bug infestation.  This is a very effective solution and helps save time, money, and decrease disturbance to the occupants.  So your business does not have to suffer, with our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection we can provide more accurate and quicker inspections and this results in the early detection of bed bugs.

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A positive reputation is essential to any business seeking to increase revenue.  And protecting your  business or property is of utmost importance.  Bed bugs have been found in all types of establishments including hotels, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, and retail stores.  Often bed bugs are relocated by latching on to a person’s belongings or clothing.  Our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection was developed with this is mind, so you can be sure that we provide confidential, reliable, quick and discrete inspection to your premises. So if your business is suffering from a pest problem or you want to prevent an infestation, then our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection service can help you.

Our Bed Bug Commercial Inspection Services Provide You With:

    Discrete and Confidential
    Fast, Reliable Service  – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week
    Superior Bug Detection
    Competitive Prices
    Environmentally Friendly Extermination Technology
    Customer Satisfaction  – 30 Day Follow Up Plan

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