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Residential Services

Renters and homeowners have a difficult problem when facing a bed bug infestation. The recent outbreaks of bed bugs in the United States are mostly due to the banning of certain extermination chemicals that were very effective in eliminating these insects in the past. Since then, these insects have also developed immunity to the pesticides that are available in the market, thus making them very difficult to kill. Our Bed Bug Residential Inspection can help determine if you have an infestation of bed bugs.

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We utilize bed bugs dogs that are professionally trained to detect bed bug infestations and our technicians are experienced in eliminating this plague. If you have an infestation of bed bugs or think that you might, it is a good idea to call us.
Our Bed Bug Residential Inspection will provide you with an early detection of bed bugs because sometimes it can take a few weeks before the signs of a bed bug infestation begin to show.

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Resident who suspects that they might have a possible bed bug infestation usually have many concerns and Bed Bug NY City is ready and experienced to help. Our staff and technicians are professional and courteous.
Usually when an infestation is suspected the residents want to have the problem quickly resolved. We provide a discreet and confidential assessment by performing a Bed Bug Residential Inspection. If bed bugs are confirmed then our staff is prepared to effectively deal with the infestation.

 After the Bed Bug Inspection confirms the presence and the extent of the bed bug infestation, we provide an effective treatment strategy and also a follow up plan. At Bed Bug NY City we understand the emotional and physical toll that a homeowner or renter faces with a bed bug infestation. So let us handle this frustrating problem for you.
Bed Bug NY City Will Provide You With:

• Fast, Reliable Service – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week
• Superior Bug Detection
• Competitive Prices
• Environmentally Friendly Extermination Technology
• Customer Satisfaction – 30 Day Follow Up Plan
• Guarantee
• Free Estimates

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