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Spending Sleepless Nights?
Worried what is causing the bite mark?
Want to be sure if you have been effected with Bed bugs?

You are at the right place, Bed Bug NYC is one of the most recognized Pest control Service in NYC. Our reputation is founded on innovation and following strict safety Guidelines. We are one of the few Pest control companies who have our very own Bed Bug Dog, who can detect a bed bug within minutes.

Why Choose Us:

- At Bed Bug NY City implements latest technology and follow safety guidelines.
- Our company is certified and based in NYC.
- We have Trained, Certified & Qualified manpower to achieve its goals.
- We possess our own Bed bug dog which is efficient and time saving..
- Cryonite Technology- Environment friendly extermination.
- Our Prices are unbeatable for the professional service we provide.

Bed Bug Removal

Responding to the most alarming problem of NYC, We are here to guide you for having a bed bug free home and a healthy environment to live in. One in every five Americans is facing the problem of bed bug infestations.

Almost every home, hotel, theatre and now even the hospitals have become a safe home for the bed bugs. Here we provide you with the basic information about bed bugs and what you can do for bed bug removal.

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Features of a bed bug

Bedbugs Cycle

let’s get to know the basic physical appearance of a bed bug

They are 3 to 4 mm long, wingless and small insects which feed majorly on blood of warm blooded animals and humans, scientifically known as cimex lectularious.They are white to dark brown in color. Host's blood is clearly visible in their bodies. They are oval in shape but seem flat when viewed from top.

Our body warmth and the carbon dioxide we exhale are the two major reasons for the bed bugs to survive our homes.

They take shelter in the darkest of places like bed corners, crevices, behind wall paintings, frames, corners of furniture, etc.

Ways through which bed bugs get to our homes

Bed bugs are surviving in every nook and corner of almost every place you visit. They travel through your luggage, sleeping bags or beddings. They are so small that they easily hitch hike and don’t even get noticed. Pets are also a carrier for bed bugs. Once they are in your home they multiply so quickly that they are in every crack of your floor and behind every wall hanging within no time.

Feeding habits of Bed Bugs

As bed bugs generally come out in the dark, attracted by the warm blood, they are quite hard to find in a glance. They usually suck 4 to 5 drops of the hosts blood and return back to their dark hideout to digest it. When they suck blood out of their hosts bodies they inject their saliva which gives the skin a reddish color. Frequent bites may lead to allergies and the skin lesion looks like a mosquito bite.

To know if there are any bed bugs one should look for the stains of blood on the mattress or the bed sheet, any dark spots which may be their droppings. These tiny creatures are difficult to find but the trails can be seen to confirm their existence. Bed bugs are the most common explanation for itchy skin welts.

What can you do to get a bed bug free home?

This is where bed bug removal techniques come to existance.There are various ways where one can get these bed bugs removed. Hired help has proved to be more successful even though there are many 'do- it-yourself' techniques. We have professionals who will inspect all the dark corners of your homes and will proceed accordingly. Inspection requires time and effectiveness. It would involve a thorough examination of mattresses, box frames, every dark corner within a 20 feet radius of the bed.

Where the problem is on a large scale, our team uses bed bug detecting dogs. In homes with a large scale infestation these well trained dogs have proved to be of great help.

Once properly detected we use the latest bed bug control technology. The methods we use to eradicate bed bugs have been the quickest and the most successful one. We can inspect your home and can give you a cost estimate as per your requirement. We will make sure that you have the places you sleep in intensively cleaned, proper treatments is given to a 20 feet radius, all suspicious areas get treated and moreover we will use monitor traps to ensure that we have satisfactorily served your needs.

We have a 24 hour emergency care service where all you have to do is to dial. We will take care of the rest.

Once we treat your home, we make sure that you are not bothered by bed bugs anymore.

Precautions one may take to have a bed bug free home

  • - Put good, soft encasements on the mattresses and box spring with zippers.
  • - Check your luggage properly while unpacking. Bud bugs usually find a way home through the luggage or laundry
  • - Carefully go through any second hand furniture you are buying.
  • - Place your bed away from the wall and furniture.
  • - People should vigilantly check their surroundings for any signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are amongst one of the major household problems of NYC . To address to the problem of bed bug We are here 24 *7 to assist you and to help you have a safe and hygenic home.

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